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Collapse of the west’s human rights paradise (RT 22 January, 2012)

The West imagined itself as a human rights paradise, entitled to intervene, using force if necessary, to prod a wayward world to conform to its ways. The human rights report published by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in December 2011 has destroyed that illusion forever.

The report looked at 16 states, one of which was Finland. In order to make an assessment of that country, the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, the UN’s reports on the Rights of the Child, official decisions and many other sources were taken into account. The findings on Finland included shortcomings in legal aid, significant prolongation of trials, discrimination in the workplace, elder abuse, a worrying suicide rate and brutal domestic violence, as well as the injustice experienced by Russian families.

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A fourth conference on the Rights of the Child was held in Helsinki on 17 January 2012. Finnish fathers claimed that they didn’t stand a chance against Finnish mothers in custody disputes, and that only Russian mothers were in a worse position than Finnish fathers. Many of the participants ventured to call the current Finnish system a “feminist-fascist Gestapo”. Perhaps the posters in the conference room inspired this forceful association of ideas. The posters depicted Finnish politicians and officers bedecked with swastikas.

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Read more: RT 22 January, 2012

Lue koko kirjoitus Suomen ihmisoikeusongelmista RT (Russia Today) –sivulta ja klikkaa tuon sivun alta jakeluun Facebookin ym. kautta! Älä anna sitä valtaa fasistiselle despotismille ja feministis-fasistiselle Gestapolle, että vaikenisit juuri silloin, kun olisi vakava syy puhua lasten ja perheiden julmasta kohtalosta Suomessa sekä saada aikaan muutos!

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