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"Kavkaz Center – Al-Qaeda" supports terrorism against Nato

In 27th April 2011 “Kavkaz Center – Al-Qaeda” published again an awful article, according to which it would have been “great success” to kill (“eliminate”) 9 NATO officers in Afghanistan.

It was not the first time, when “Kavkaz Center – Al-Qaeda” has published provocative support for terrorism against NATO and USA. Anwar Al-Awlaqi is the most significant “Koran-teacher” of Kavkaz Center web pages. He invites to kill American people in every possible moment. Kavkaz Center and Anwar Al-Awlaqi praise Al-Shabab –gang (Somalia) and Talebans, “because they kill Americans” (Kavkaz Center 16.3.2010).

Kavkaz Center has deep and long tradition as the partner of Al-Qaeda; for example Seif Islam took part into the gang of Osama bin Laden, and he took part into the operations of Al-Qaeda in Somali, Libya and Sudan. Of course, we could remember also that Al-Qaeda terrorists such as Abu al-Walid and Ibn al-Khattab have been close to the evil tradition of Kavkaz Center.

Ayman al-Zawahir or Abu Muhammad (Abu Fatima, Muhammad Ibrahim) is a very significant teacher in “Kavkaz Center-Al-Qaeda” website. He met with Osama bin Laden, when they founded organization Maktab al-Khadamat. “Kavkaz Center – Al-Qaeda” describes Ayman al-Zawahir as “respectable doctor”, when for example Al-Zawahir invited Somali terrorists to kill American soldiers. He wrote: “Use all possibilities to kill American people and Zionists” (Kavkaz Center 11.9.2006).

Unfortunately, this “Kavkaz Center –Al-Qaeda” –website can work still in Finland, because double morality and falsehood dominate in Finnish “anti-terrorism” policy. This question is even much more significant than only several provocative articles which are also dangerous propaganda: according to investigative reports a few persons around Kavkaz Center (in Finland) are deeply connected with terrorist fund IHH. For example, CIA, FBI, Mossada and many international studies have testified that IHH has sent money to Taliban terrorists and to Al-Qaeda terrorists. Moreover, one of the most significant person of IHH fund is now a political refugee in Finland, because the owner of Kavkaz Center (Mikael Storsjö) organized his illegal entry to Finland.

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